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Splash of colours for Ukraine

15 May 2012 at 16:33 CEST

Before the rehearsal, had a talk to the Head of Delegation, Victoria Romanova. She told us that the artist arrived yesterday and already likes the city of Baku very much. "The hospitality of the people in Baku is great, they are so helpful and friendly to us." Gaitana is very excited before the first rehearsal. She is looking forward to seeing the stage and singing on it.

On stage, Gaitana performed her uptempo pop song Be My Guest. She impressed her fans and the press in the the Baku Crystal Hall with her strong voice. Some fans came with a Ukrainian flag to the arena to support Gaitana.

On stage, Gaitana wore a white costume. She was accompanied by four male dancers who played trumpets. The dancers wore colourful vests and skirts. There were four extra LED panels in the middle of the stage showing  dancing people on them. That made an effect that there were a lot of  dancers. At the end of the last rehearsal, there were pyro effects on stage.

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In the press conference, Gaitana said that she has been so much waiting for that moment. The artist is very proud to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Gaitana’s producer Edward Klim, presented promotional material that the Ukrainian delegation brought to Baku for their fans and the press: a digital booklet with the most famous songs as well as double CD with Gaitana’s songs and the information about the artist.

Gaitana said that she loves chocolate very much that’s why she decided to bring a lot of good quality black Ukrainian chocolate for her fans in Baku.

A Polish journalist asked Gaitana if her song Be My Guest was also connected with the UEFA Euro 2012. "I love sport. I use my bicycle, play tennis and go to gym. And when it was announced that European Football Championship will be held in Ukraine, I wrote some music for kids. People say that my song Be My Guest sounds like anthem."

To the question why Gaitana changed her backing vocals for the dancers the singer replied that her entry has a dancing music and she wants people to dance the party.
Gaitana is half Congolese and half Ukrainian, that’s why her music is a mixtire of African and Ukrainian elements. Gaitana said that she always tries to write simple text to make people sing her songs with her. 

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