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Spanish and international composers for Spain

Posted 20 January 2011 at 23:02

The Spanish national selection "Destino Eurovision" kicks off with the first semifinal next Friday 28th of January. To the list of 24 selected singers we now add the list of the twenty candidate songs (composers & authors in brackets):
  • Abrázate A Mi Corazón (Antonio Sánchez-Ohlsson & Thomas G.son)
  • Away (Primoz Poglajen, Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschalck & Christina Schilling)
  • Backwards Learning (Jonas Gladnikoff, Camilla Gottschlack, Christina Schilling)
  • C'est La Vie! It's Alright! (W&M, Nestor Geli, Susie Päivärinta, Per Andersson y Mats Lindberg)
  • Diamonds (Nestor Geli, Susie Päivärinta & Pär Lönn)
  • Envangeline (Kjell Jennstig, Dejan Belgrenius & Kristin Molin)
  • Eos (Jesús Cañadilla & Alejandro de Pinedo)
  • Eres Tan Cool (Alejandro de Pinedo & Jesús Cañadilla)
  • Eres Todo Lo Que Quiero (Mikel Herzog & Alberto Estébanez)
  • Golden Cadillac (Kjell Jennstig, Gerard James Borg & Leif Goldkuhl)
  • Llueve (Juan Guillén)
  • Música (Vanessa Serrano)
  • Only Break My Heart (Rafael Artesero)
  • Peligroso (William Luque & Domingo Sánchez)
  • Sospechas (Gustavo Castañeda, Yapci Cruz & Yolanda Ortiz)
  • Sueño Y Sueñas (Pedro Romeo & Amaya Martínez)
  • Teasing You (Rafael Artesero)
  • The Sun Will Shine (Rafael De Alba)
  • Tic, Tac (Rocío Romero Grau)
  • Weeping For Joy (Rafael Artesero)
Among these names we find Swedish authors like Thomas G:son or Jonas Gladnikoff who last year penned the songs of Denmark and Ireland respectively. Rafael Artesero was the composer of the Andorran entries in 2005 and 2006. Mikel Herzog represented Spain in 1998 and Amaya Martinez was a co-author of the Spanish song in 2003. Finally Jesús Cañadilla wrote Algo Pequeñito last year.
Now one of these songs will follow in the footsteps of Algo Pequeñito which placed 15th in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo in the voice of Daniel Diges.
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