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Spain to choose entry in a public selection

21 January 2014 at 16:11 CET

This year there was more gossip than ever before in Spain about who will represent them at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. In the last two years the acts were chosen through an internal selection so in the past three months lots of names were suggested by the media to be the Spanish entry.

In the last few weeks the rumours of an internal selection lost strength in favour of a public one. Finally the Spanish broadcaster TVE confirmed the news that their entry for Copenhagen will be chosen in a televised national selection in February with a 50% televote and 50% expert jury voting.

The candidates

There will be five candidates hoping to represent Spain in Denmark. Some of them have tried it before and some have had big hits while others are mostly unknown to the Spanish audience.

  • Brequette Cassie also participated in that first edition of La Voz (The Voice) and, though born in South Africa, she has expressed her wish of singing at the Eurovision Song Contest representing Spain, the country where she's been living for the past 15 years. She's currently in the preparations of her debut album Puzzle Together. Her song Más (Run) is writen by Thomas G:son and Tony Sanchez, the team behind the Spanish entry in 2012 by Pastora Soler, who will be in charge of the artistic, vocal and stage parts of this performance.
  • Jorge González first participated in the talent show Operacion Triunfo, then in the 2009 Spanish national final, with Si Yo Vengo A Enamorarte, and more recently in the first edition of La Voz (The Voice) where he was the runner-up. He considers himself a Eurovision fan and will try once again to achieve his dream of representing Spain in the Song Contest with the song Aunque Se Acabe El Mundo, a pop song written by Kiko Rodríguez, Bruno Nicolás, Leticia Fuentes and María José Fernández.

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  • La Dama is the moniker of Damaris Abad, a singer born in Sevilla, who is more known to the Spanish audience as the partner of top artist Melendi and sister of the popular new artist Rasel. While preparing her second album she's still waiting for her own breakthrough and aims to achieve it through the Eurovision Song Contest and the song Estrella Fugaz, written by none other than Melendi, and described as a mid-tempo electro-pop song with R&B influences.
  • Raúl made his breakthrough after he came second in the 2000 Spanish national final with Sueño Su Boca, which became a big success that year and made him win a Spanish Music Award as Best New Artist. Since then he's had further hits and released six albums. He will sing Seguir Sin Ti written by William Duque and Domingo Sánchez, a big ballad full of strength and feelings. 
  • Ruth Lorenzo has been heavily tipped to be the Spanish choice and now she's one of the participants in the public selection. Mostly unknown in Spain, she participated in the UK's X Factor in 2008 with Dannii Minogue as her mentor. She has just signed with a new record company aiming to reach not only the Spanish market but the international one too. The title of her song is Dancing In The Rain written by Ruth herself alongside Jim Irvin and Julian Emery and is an international pop track in English and Spanish.