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Spain second Press Conference

25 May 2012 at 16:10 CEST

Spanish Television representative, Mr. Federico Llano, wanted to thank in first place the record company of Pastora Soler, Warner Music Spain, for making it possible to have a big name representing Spain this year at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Pastora has learned English especially for this occasion, as one journalist remarked, the first journalist that ever interviewed the singer in English "and I'll never forget you were the first one" and then she proceeded on singing a little bit of her song Quedate Conmigo (Stay With Me) a capella especially for this journalist.

She feels very happy that the day has arrived to perform in the Final, the most important moment of her long and successful career, as she points out.

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It was mentioned by some media that Spanish Television warned Pastora not to win as they wouldn't be able to host the competition next year, but Pastora denied this and assured that Spanish Television is willing to win, just like any other participant broadcaster: "We're here to win and TVE would be honoured to be able to host the contest next year!"

Then, by the request of a Spanish journalist, Pastora showed a bit of her Spanish character and passion by singing some "copla", one of the Spanish traditional genres that was received with a great round of applause by those attending the Press Conference.