Spain's Lucía Pérez the last to rehearse

Lucía behind the scenes

Lucía Pérez was the last artist to enter the arena of all 43 acts in the Contest. She arrived this afternoon for the final rehearsal of the day, preparing in her dressing room. She was in a very good mood, all set to party on stage.

 This is my first contact with the entire event and a chance to get more relaxed and used to the big stage, I'm really looking forward to getting on stage and to start singing!

For Lucía, the importance lies in happiness.

"We have five people on stage with me. We have prepared a show that is really happy and related to the song, to keep up the optimism. We enjoy being on stage and making a party,I hope that people will look attentively and that I can transmit the happiness and the huge feeling."

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Fun on stage

Lucía wears a pink top and short silver skirt. She is joined on stage by two female backing vocalists and three male, they are all dressed in white. Visually, there are flowers on the LED screen throughout the performance and, towards the end, the visual effect of a firework display is shown. But that was only a rehearsal and it might change for the actual performance.

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The whole performance is very positive, the camera loves Lucía and she is smiling throughout. 

Due to the fact that the opening reception is happening tonight, Spain will not hold a press conference today. Stay tuned to as we will be covering Spain's first press conference fully tomorrow.

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