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Spain's ESDM will stay with you until the end

15 May 2013 at 13:42 CEST

Minutes before their second rehearsal we found the Spanish band ESDM gathering around their dressing room: "We didn't go out to the party last night, so we are well rested and ready for the rehearsal".

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Raquel kept the style but changed the colour of her outfit from yellow into white and was barefoot on stage. Juan and David kept their cool with a well studied casual look.

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The Spanish entry Contigo Hasta El Final (With You Until The End) is a pop song that builds from a slow start with Celtic influences, bagpipe player included, to a rock climax that puts an end to the performance. The stage effectsmand lighting follow the progression of the song.


The press conference

"We felt really good on stage. The first rehearsal was amazing and this one was perfect. Can't wait for Saturday". ESDM admitted when arriving to the press conference hall.

How does it feel for Spanish people to be in Sweden? "Malmö is very similar to our part of Spain, Asturias, in the North, so it feels like home in here. we're rolling with energy here".

The song is in Spanish, so the international press asked what was it about: "The song is a story of love, we're so romantic... peace and love!"

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The name of the band stands for El Sueño De Morfeo (Morpheus Dream). Raquel was reading a book about the interpretation of dreams. Morpheus was the god that brought dreams to the humans, so he couldn't sleep and thus he couldn't dream, as a band we had a dream, to be known and perform our songs to our audience, so we adopted him and created the name of the band.

ESDM's sound is inspired in Celtic music, that also comes from Spain, not only from Ireland and Scotland.

Raquel said that the white dress "is not the dress I'm going to wear in the final. You're gonna have to wait until Saturday!. Also to know if I'll wear shoes or not".

There are too many questions about the expectations. Our expectation is to enjoy this experience to the maximum. This is like a dream. An experience that will always be in our hearts.

ESDM draw the first half to perform in the Final.