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Spain's Barei: "It's the biggest opportunity I ever had"

30 April 2016 at 23:39 CEST
Barei filming the Spanish postcard
What have the Eurovision artists been up to since they were chosen to represent their country? It's a time frame that includes a lot of promo events: interviews, video recordings, photo shootings and some preview parties and receptions too. Let's a have a quick look at Barei's pre-season before coming to Stockholm to represent Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Gallery: Spain: Barei's pre Eurovision season

In the following slide you can check some of the activities that Barei has been involved in since she was chosen to represent Spain at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest:

Filming the preview video

First Barei filmed her preview video for Say Yay! It is the first time a preview clip of a Spanish candidate features fans in a flashmob: "I am here now because people voted for me and I find it nice to share the moment with them in this video", the singer explained. Besides the city of Madrid, the video was filmed in international locations such as London, Havana, Miami and Stockholm. The singer put everyone to dance her trademark dance feet, which has a major role in the video:

Choosing her team

After that Barei chose her backing team for Stockholm with whom she's been doing lots of rehearsals for her performance an the Eurovision Final. She will travel to Sweden accompanied by a powerful group made up of five young and experienced singers: Rebeca Rods was already a backing singer for Spain in 2007 and 2012, Alana Sinkey and Awinnie MyBaby who are sisters and already backed Ruth Lorenzo in 2014, Brequette a runner-up in the Spanish selection in 2014 and Milena Brody, born in Ukraine and a backing singer for Spain in 2013.

In the meantime Barei also signed with Universal Music Spain, putting an end to a 15-year career as an independent artist. The first project was the release of a special edition of her latest album Throw The Dice.

Filming the postcard

The Spanish postcard is meant to show the personal side of Barei with images of her hometown, Madrid, and some other favorite places that have a special meaning for her. The Swedish broadcaster, SVT, sent a creative advertising team to every participating country and in Madrid they were joined by a Spanish production and styling team to shoot the sequences that will be part of Eurovision, right before her live performance. These scenes will incorporate the "magic" of the dandelion, the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest logo.

Preview parties and receptions

In the weeks after her selection as the Spanish act, Barei has travelled a lot to promote Say Yay! She's been in Ukraine, to participate as a guest in the national selection shows, and she also performed in Riga, Moscow, Amsterdam and London at their preview parties.

Earlier this week she was a guest of honour at the Swedish Embassy in Madrid. The Ambassador of Sweden in Spain, Cecilia Julin, hosted a reception evening where Barei performed with her backing group her Eurovision entry accompanied on the piano by Ruben Villanueva. She also made a collaboration with Swedish guitar player Gustav Lundgren, performing last year's winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest, Heroes.

And last but not least you can check Barei's profile video introducing herself as the Spanish performer in this year's Eurovision Song Contest: