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Spain: Ruth Lorenzo storms her way to the stage

06 May 2014 at 15:32 CEST

The performance of Spain at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest starts with a storm coming and raindrops falling before a piano starts playing and Ruth Lorenzo sings in Spanish "...I want to see the light". And the light definitely comes after the tempest giving way to another kind of storm: a powerful vocal delivery of Dancing In The Rain.

Ruth Lorenzo has made ​​a first test wearing the dress for the Final. A mermaid-figure design, low-cut in the back with a tail of two meters. It's a creation of Anmargo's Ana Martín, and it is made ​of high-end fabric sequins sewn in twos and threes, giving a three dimensional effect to the piece.

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Some very good coments and praise appeared in social media right after her rehearsal:

Last night, in her own instagram account Ruth gave us a taste of Dancing In The Rain, the tiger edition:

Spain will perform in the second half of the Final

Ruth arrived in the press conference room talking about her rehearsal: "It was good, not perfect... We still have some considerations to do and also regarding sound, light. There's a lot to be done". So, is she not happy so far? "I'm very happy but I want everything to be as beautiful as it can. It is a beautiful stage and we wanted to create something very special, we have to take advantage of it and take care of every detail!"

Conchita Wurst from Austria and Molly from the UK said Ruth was their favourite and she complimented back to both singers.

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What about her dress? "Yes I was wearing the dress for the Final. It has a lot of meaning, the way it shines, the armour it has in front is very medieval, I wanted this image. I was trying to bring a bit of my rebel spirit. I still want to change a couple of details too... Oh I never stop!"

Ruth explained about her message full of hope "About the time I wrote the song, everything was going wrong with me and I thought nothing else could go wrong, I was living in London at that time, so I went out on the streets and it started to rain, so I thought, ok... even if it rains we have to go on, smile, dance as if nothing happens".

Spain participates in the Grand Final of 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.