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Spain opens the first finalist rehearsals

12 May 2013 at 12:15 CEST

Backstage ESDM seemed excited about their first rehearsal and that they were finally in Malmö. Their first run through went well in the sound check room. The band then made their way to the stage and the lead singer seemed almost overwhelmed by the stage when she saw it for the first time. 

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The performance on stage begins with a bagpipe player standing on the catwalk of the stage. This part of the song reflects the band's celtic origins in the northern region of Asturias.

On stage you have the three band members, a violinist, a drummer/bagpipe player and bass player who also function as backing singers. 

The stage adapts very well to Contigo Hasta El Final starting with blue and purple shades and white star-light twinkles being projected onto the rear of the stage. As the song rises in tempo, the colours change to reds and oranges to reflect the warmth and passion in the song. 

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Near the end, the lead singer Raquel walks along the catwalk where she sings to one of the light boxes that raises from the stage in an impressive camera effect. 

Below are some pictures from ESDM's meet and greet with press and fans after their rehearsal:

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