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Spain: Objetivo Eurovisión on the 1st of February

20 January 2016 at 20:00 CET
Clockwise from top left: Maverick, Maria Isabel, Xuso Jones, Barei, Salvador Beltrán and Electric Nana TVE
Spain will have their national final for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on Monday 1st of February as the Spanish broadcaster, TVE, confirmed today. The special show Objetivo Eurovisión will be hosted by Anne Igartiburu. The participants are Xuso Jones, Salvador Beltran, Maverick, Maria Isabel, Electric Nana and Barei and you can get a glimpse of their songs now!

In less than two weeks, the 1st of February, we will know the Spanish entry for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, to be held next May in Stockholm. The choice will be made in Objetivo Eurovisión, a special programme presented from Madrid by Anne Igartiburu in which six candidates will defend their proposals.

The young artists are all ready with their songs, and you can listen to them by clicking on the titles:

The Spanish songs in its full version were premiered in a special webcast show meeting with some of the artists, which you can watch through the Spanish broadcaster's website.

The final decision to choose the winner will be taken by the TV audience, via telephone and SMS, along with two juries, one national and one international.

About the songs

Maria Isabel - La vida sólo es una (David Santisteban)

The winner of the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, María Isabel, will perform There's Only One Life, a Spanish pop track with a latin touch and an optimistic hymn to life. It's a song about new illusions, looking forward, future love... An invitation to enjoy and rush every second looking for happiness through the sounds and melodies "that keep the essence of what we are: a land of joy and great dreamers who do not surrender, latin, Mediterranean and passion" says the author, David Santisteban.

Xuso Jones - Victorious (Andreas Öhrn, Peter Boström & Chris Wahle)

The singer from Murcia, Xuso Jones, will perform Victorious, an up-tempo hymn in English with organic elements blending in modern dance sounds. The Swedish authors and producers of the song, Andreas Öhrn, Peter Boström and Chris Wahle are responsible for this song that talks about feeling free and having the courage to take your own way. "We love working with Xuso and, from the beginning, we knew that he was able to bring the song to a new level, with more energy and emotion," they say.

Barei - Say Yay! (Barei, Ruben Villanueva & Victor Pua)

Say Yay! is an up-tempo song in English with a soul vibe and a very contemporary sound and production. "An energetic song, strong and emotional, and lyrics that we can all fee identify with in our daily struggle and our ability to overcome obstacles through effort and to give the best of ourselves in each attempt", as defined by Barei.

Electric Nana - Now

Electric Nana also dreams of success with her own work Now, a song with hints of electronic or synth-rock and a vibrant Motown feel. Very energetic and with a catchy chorus, it was produced, mixed and mastered by Guille Mostaa from the band Ellos, who also plays guitar, percussion, synths, bass and vocals. The artist wanted to include the three languages ​that she speaks: English, French and Spanish in a song about the contradictions of the human condition, to move to the beat of our hearts and to always be ourselves, always different.

Maverick -  Un mundo más feliz (Juan Magan, Darlyn Cuevas' DCS' and Giuseppe Olivares Luiggi)

A happier world is the result of the union of two hot Spanish talents. The young singer Maverick will sing a vibrant song written and produced by one of the most successful DJs, producers and performers in Spain, Juan Magán, a key figure in the current latin dance scene. A happier world is a celebration, a song that exudes rhythm and light through that magic formula that has reinvented the Latin sound becoming a trend in many corners of the planet.

Salvador Beltrán - Días de alegría (Salvador Beltrán & Miguel Ángel Arenas 'Capi')

The Barcelona artist will sing Days of Joy, a Spanish pop song full of optimism in which the rhythm plays a crucial role. The melody, a groundbreaking chorus and the percussion are its key elements developed with a deliberate Brazilian sound. The lyrics talk about the desire to do things, that nothing is impossible and that, through effort, anything can be achieved.