Spain: Lucia Perez grateful to reach the Eurovision stage

Today Lucia said that she wasn't completely comfortable with the sound in the first dress rehearsal; "sometimes these last rehearsals are not as one would expect, but we're pretty sure that tonight everything's going to be perfect".

The head of the Spanish delegation confirmed that they're changing the graphic designs with NDR and also improving the sound.

Lucía has always been a follower of the Song Contest: "I have a lot of memories of Eurovision, because I used to watch it with my mother as a kid, giving scores to the entries and all that it involves and lately I've been watching it with my friends. Who'd say to me that one day I'd be up on that huge stage in front of the European audience!"

 What I'm interested in is offering a good image of my country and of myself as an artist

Lucia Pérez is not into predictions: "To be honest I'm not into the betting odds or any comments regarding rankings for the contest, as many times they fail to predict correctly. I'm concentrated in giving my best tonight and tomorrow".

And finally, before going on singing a bit of her entry Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao (They Can't Take The Fun Away From Me) she mentioned that "what I'll keep from this experience is the contact with the Eurovision fans. The support you get from them is what makes you keep going strong after many days of rehearsals, interviews, photo shoots, promo tours, etc."

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