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Spain launches its selection method for 2017

28 October 2016 at 12:00 CEST
Spain will select its entry and act for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest through Objetivo Eurovisión next February. The national selection method was already used to choose their 2016 entry but, for next year, along with the artists chosen internally by the Spanish broadcaster there will be one more act selected through an open competition already launched in their national Eurovision Song Contest website.

The Spanish broadcaster, TVE, has already launched the process to choose their entry and performer for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest to be held next May in Kyiv. Like in the 2016 selection, it will feature a group of young professional artists chosen internally, but this time they will be joined by one more candidate to be selected through their website. The show will be broadcast in February 2017 under the name Objetivo Eurovisión where both an expert jury and the public votes will decide who will be the Spanish representative travelling to Ukraine.

A selection that opens

With the aim of making the viewers more involved in the search for the ideal candidate, the selection process includes an important innovation this year. Besides the artists that will be chosen internally by RTVE a further candidate will be added via an open contest.

This online competition was launched yesterday, 27th of October, and its rules and requirements are published on their national website (in Spanish) where those who wish to become the Spanish representative at Eurovision can register and submit their proposals (both artist and song together, not separately). The registration term will run for a month, until the 27th of November 2016. Singers must be Spanish citizens or residents, while the songs composers and lyricists can be from all around the world.


Of all the proposals received, Spanish Television will publish up to 30 songs of their choice for users to be able to vote for their favorites. Among the ten most voted candidates, an expert jury will then choose three finalists who will perform their songs in a special programme live streamed in January on their website. The public will decide which of them becomes the winner and therefore a participant in Objetivo Eurovisión.

With this initiative TVE aims to open their Eurovision selection to new talents from different music styles, regardless of whether they have a record label behind them, and also to gather the activity of many artists on social networks like Youtube or Vimeo. In fact, next to the audio file, the candidates will have to include a link to a lyric video of the song.