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Spain: Five artists proceed to the semi-final

29 January 2011 at 09:01 CET

Spanish Television, TVE, opted for a non-conventional national selection this year as we reported in an article earlier this week. There are four scheduled heats in which the songs and the singers will be chosen separately. In the first one that just took place, twelve artists fought for five places in the semi-final (winners in bold):


  • David Sancho (Estando Contigo)
  • Roima Duran (Wild Dances)
  • Da Igual (Bailar Pegados)
  • Lucía Perez (No Tengo Edad - Non ho l'età)
  • Auryn (Fly On The Wings Of Love)
  • Las Miranda (Ding-A-Dong)
  • Sunami (Gwendoline)
  • Gio (Satellite)
  • Guadiana (Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi)
  • María López (Vuelve Conmigo)
  • Baltanás (Fairytale)
  • Paula Marengo (Tu Te Reconnaîtras)


The jury was composed of five members: singers-songwriters Albert Hammond, Merche and David Ascanio, Eurovision expert Reyes Del Amor and writer & TV-personality Boris Izaguirre. While the votes were being cast, Soraya, the performer for Spain in 2009 sang her latest hit Live Your Dreams.

In the first round four singers were evicted by the jury: Roima Duran, Las Miranda, Sunami and Paula Marengo. Then the three winners of the televote were announced: The boyband Auryn, Lucía Perez and David Sancho. They will be joined in the semi-final by the jury choices: Gio and the group Da Igual.

Next week will be the the second knockout with the remaining twelve singers. The show was co-hosted by last year's Spanish entrant, Daniel Diges who sang his Algo Pequeñito to a 15th place in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo.