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Spain: Daniel Diges to Oslo!

23 February 2010 at 01:48 CET

At 22:15 CET the show kicked off with the professional host Anne Igartiburu introducing the five-member jury of experts, popular actor Manuel Bandera, veteran journalist José María Iñigo, music producer Mariola Orellana, former head of the entertainment department of TVE Pilar Tabares and national radio personality Toni Garrido, which had a 50% power of the total results. Her co-host in the green room was Ainhoa Arbizu. A video reminding the online voting process, and the troubles and successes it encountered, was shown before the ten participant artists took to the stage (winner in bold):

  • Venus - Perfecta
  • Ainhoa - Volveré
  • Fran Dieli - Cuando Se Trata De Ti
  • Lorena - Amor Mágico
  • Samuel y Patricia - Recuérdame
  • José Galisteo - Beautiful Life
  • John Cobra - Carol
  • Anabel Conde - Sin Miedos
  • Daniel Diges - Algo Pequeñito
  • Coral - En Una Vida

So it's finally musical star Daniel Diges who gets the ticket for Oslo with the song Algo Pequeñito (Something Tiny) as he won both the jury votes and the biggest number of televotes thanks to a brilliant performance.

In last year's final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Soraya with La Noche Es Para Mi took Spain to a 23rd position.