Spain brings the magic of the circus


The characters around Daniel are the rag doll, the classic dancer, the pierrot and the tin soldier. They start standing quiet in acrobatic positions right behind Daniel and begin to move, dance and jump around Daniel as the song progresses.

In fact the whole performance follows that progression: the stage changes from a darker blue to a lively red and Daniel himself moves from his standing mic to the centre of the stage with the microphone in his hand as the intensity grows. In the very last rehearsal they also used some fire sparkles to give it more spectacular ending.

The costumes they wore today are not the ones that will be used at the Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, although the colours might give us a clue of how they will look like on the 29th of May.


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"This is the most impressive stage I ever performed on!"

Daniel was acclaimed by the press and fans on his arrival at the press centre for the first time. "I've always been on stages in Spain, but this is the most impressive stage I ever performed on" - he said when asked about his first impressions. He's delighted and happy to finally be here in Oslo, making him feel at home although his voice is a bit tired after rehearsing such a vocally demanding song for five times in a row.

Daniel's life has changed radically since he was designated to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, as record deals were offered to him the same night he won the Spanish national final so he was able to record his debut album. The album is out now including his waltz entry Algo Pequeñito and other songs in the crooner style.

The composer, Jesús Cañadilla, is a Eurovision follower himself and was asked if that helped him to create a winning song or if, on the other hand, it took some objectivity away from him. He answered that all he tried was to do a song that was different and that he could really like, not tailor-made for the contest: "Thanks to Daniel my song is much better now. I just fulfilled my dream!".

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Daniel Diges has watched the Eurovision Song Contest since he was a child and he has always dreamed of taking part in it. This year his dream came true and he'll represent Spain in Oslo. Daniel is an experienced singer and actor, who cut his teeth as a live singer on stage. He was recently awarded the Spanish national theatre prize for the best actor in a musical. Diges has starred in a great majority of hit musicals which have been staged in Spain. Besides music and theatre, Daniel has wide television experience as an actor in many drama and comedy series, and also as presenter and singer on a weekly children’s show. His song, with a classical waltz base, speaks on the passionate and desperate need for those everyday details, so important but sometimes forgotten: a caress, a kiss, an apology, a flower. Little things, even tiny things that are very important in order to maintain an eternal love.

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