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Spain announces the 24 selected artists

Posted 11 January 2011 at 19:34

Some weeks ago we announced that 30 artists had got through the castings that the Spanish broadcaster had organised to look for their entry for Düsseldorf 2011. From these 30 candidates only 24 would take part in the live TV shows, and they have been anounced today on TVE's website (in alphabetical order):
Alazán, Auryn, Baltanás, Da Igual, David Sancho, Don Johnson's, Esmeralda Grao, Guadiana, Las Miranda, Lorena Rosales, Lucía Pérez, María López, Melissa, Monica Guech, Paula, Pau Quero, Rocío Jiménez, Sebas, Sergi Albert, Sergio Bermejo, Sometimes, Sunami, Valeria Antonella and We.
So the unlucky ones who couldn't make it are Alba Lucía, Dani Alemán, Divas, Fernando Hidalgo, Lussi Bom and Sonia y Selena. No news about the possible wildcards to join the semi-finals have been released.
The semi-finals are now scheduled to air from Friday the 28th of January and will be presented by last year's host Anne Igartiburu.
The selection of songs is still on its way as more than 1100 songs were received by TVE. From them an expert comitee has picked 80 which are being examined at this stage to choose the best 20 for the live shows. The songs will be announced on the 20th of January.
The winning song wil follow last year's Algo Pequeñito, sung by Daniel Diges, as the Spanish entry in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.
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