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Summer has arrived: Spain's Manel completed first rehearsal

05 May 2017 at 18:44 CEST
Spain rehearsal 2017 Thomas Hanses
Manel Navarro arrived at the International Exhibition Centre with a large entourage, full of energy and ready to bring the Spanish beach atmosphere into the venue. met with Manel backstage, where he was getting ready for his first rehearsal. His backing vocalists were with him in the dressing room — bass player Edgar, guitarist Pol, drummer Marc and backing singers Alex and Alejandro, all featuring their trademark surfer looks — something which is going to be reflected in their stage outfits.

Backstage preparations

Manel told us that he has a new guitar and was looking forward to performing on the Eurovision stage for the first time: "My colleagues told me that the sound quality in the in-ear monitors is really good, so I can't wait to perform," he said excitedly. 

When asked if he was nervous about performing, he said: "We are more nervous about finally hitting the stage than about the actual rehearsal in itself."

After the rehearsal, Manel was satisfied: "I felt comfortable on the stage and think I performed well. We have asked for some camera angles and lighting to be changed, but overall we are happy. I feel so lucky to share my music on this stage."

Beach hair, beach shirts

Manel and his team will be wearing their beach shirts during their entire stay in Kyiv. The delegation brought more than 150 shirts from Spain.

For those coming to Kyiv later on to attend the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, Manel has one message: "It's brutal! Huge! Everything looks great here — just wait until you see the stage!"

Manel will next rehearse on Sunday, ahead of the Red Carpet and Opening Ceremony. As one of the 'Big Five', Spain is already qualified to take part in the Grand Final on Saturday, 13th of May.