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Australia’s dynamic duo: Take a space walk with Electric Fields

29 March 2024 at 09:11 CET
Electric Fields will represent Australia at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Morgan Sette
Australia is sending their first ever duo to Eurovision, and Electric Fields is ready to light up Malmö with their song ‘One Milkali (One Blood).’ Shield your eyes, because they'll be sending sparks flying.
Electric Fields are representing Australia at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Morgan Sette

This isn’t the first time Electric Fields have had dreams of performing at the Eurovision Song Contest. After forming in 2015, they just missed out on the spot for Eurovision 2019, coming in 2nd place on Australia’s national selection show, Eurovision – Australia Decides. But this time around, broadcaster SBS chose their act internally, and Electric Fields got the golden ticket. That was, after a video where Voyager (of Eurovision 2023 fame) teased that they knew which act had the gig…

Electric Fields (left to right: Michael Ross and Zaachariaha Fielding) will represent Australia at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Nick Wilson

This powerhouse team is made up of producer Michael Ross and singer Zaachariaha Fielding. Together they’ve toured across Australia, collaborated with symphony orchestras, and performed at festivals.

Zaachariaha often sings in Yankunytjatjara, the language of the Anangu peoples, which is rooted in his culture. You’ll hear Yankunytjatjara in their Eurovision song One Milkali (One Blood), making it the first time an Aboriginal language has been sung on the Eurovision stage.

Electric Fields have had some incredible moments in their career. 

For Zaachariaha, the most memorable moment was when they performed their song Nina Simone in Germany and a pregnant audience member was so moved that she told them she was going to name her baby Nina. We hope baby Nina from Germany is tuning into Eurovision!

Electric Fields are representing Australia at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Morgan Sette

Michael’s favourite memory is performing in the stadium at the Sydney Mardi Gras during the Covid pandemic. He remembers: “being surrounded 360 degrees by our rainbow family, pure joy”.

Although they’ve got lovely memories, they’ve both had stage-related disasters too. Zaachariaha once sprained his neck during a fashion show when he whipped his hair around, and ended up strutting the final runway lop-sided. Michael ripped the back of his jeans live on stage. Hopefully the rest of the show didn’t involve too many twirls.

Zaachariaha’s biggest Eurovision inspiration is Aminata, whose massive performance of Love Injected for Latvia finished in 6th place in 2015.

If any karaoke parties happen in Malmö, Michael will be singing Lionel Richie’s Dancing On The Ceiling, which he says is such a great party track. Zaachariaha’s karaoke choice is another classic, but one that’s a bit less upbeat. He’ll be belting out Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Some of their favourite tracks include other retro hits like Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac, All For You by Janet Jackson and Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. But they also love current rap too, so you might catch them listening to Megan Thee Stallion or ASAP Rocky.

Electric Fields are representing Australia at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest Nick Wilson / SBS

With the furthest to travel, Electric Fields are excited about their trip to Sweden. Michael says he associates the country with pop music, beautiful people, and a certain flat-packed furniture company. Zaachariaha says he’s looking forward to meeting the people and experiencing the beautiful landscape.

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