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Soraya in Rodolfo's wig: Spain will win

05 March 2009 at 13:45 CET

After one of the hosts Berto gave Soraya the objects that belonged to Chikilicuatre - his wig and his guitar (called Luciana) - Soraya put on the wig and played Luciana.

She also revealed she has been watching other entries to get to know her competitors better. "This year is time for Spain to win," the Spanish contestant said.

You can see that below:


On TVE's website you can find Soraya’s videoclip with English and French subtitles. On Monday afternoon, at 18:30 Central European Time, she will answer users' questions, also in English. For sending questions to Soraya, click here.

Soraya won the Spanish selection last Saturday with her song La Noche Es Para Mi and is directly qualified for the Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.