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Softengine's amazing adventure

"About a few months ago we didn't expect this, honestly, so we didn't have any high hopes. And now all this adventure is just so amazingly absurd... in a good way", the boys from Softengine told us about their involvement in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Are they thinking of the experience as a competition? "We try not to think about our own chances, because it gives us lots of pressure. Our only goal is to be in the Final". So don't they really think about the points? "Well, our song stands out from the others, I think we'll be noticed at least, but we're not sure if it will be in a good or bad way, but sure we'll be noticed".

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Their pop-rock song Something Better is certainly different from most of the other entries, but that doesn't make them dislike their competitors: "We do actually love them, there are several ones that I like personally, like Armenia, Norway, Iceland, Hungary..." Ossi mentioned.

In between dress rehearsals there are not many options than to stay in the dressing room and the artists lounge, but for the rest of the days, how did Softengine spend their time in Copenhagen? "We had a couple of days off when we rested a lot, almost 48 hours rest. we just went shopping and you know, eating good food and kebabs! We also attended the Irish party, we were part of the nordic party, we've been going to the Euroclub or else we've just been hanging out here".

The guys met last year's performer for Finland, Krista Siegfrids, some days ago: "We met Krista, she gave some advice, basically just to enjoy this experience, to have a good time, to smile and not to worry too much. It was really nice to meet her, lovely lady!"

Some of the most impressive things for the artists are the red carpet and Opening Ceremony event. For Softengine: "We were just ourselves... no one told us it was going to be like that, with all the people attending, but it was fun".

As you've seen above the band have a common instagram account, but actually they are running a competition among themselves about who gets the most likes on their own personal instgram uploads. Topi is in the lead so far:

Ossi, Tuomo and Henri follow his footsteps:

and then Eero is not taking part in this competition, though he also has his own instagram account:

We mentioned to them another competition about who is the youngest participant this year? Softengine are the youngest male participants, with Ossi being younger than the other band members, but counting girls too, the Russian twins Masha and Nastya beat Ossi by just some days, and so the Tolmachevy sisters are the youngest participants. "Luckily there was no prize for this competition!" Ossi joked as we left their dressing room.

Softengine participate tonight in the second Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest representing Finland with their song Something Better. You can follow the show live here in starting at 21:00 CET