Soft colours and strong vocals for Lithuania


Backstage - Explaining how she uses her microphone

Some artists make minor changes after their first rehearsal. But for Evelina Sašenko, the issue never came to her mind.

"Am I allowed to make any changes?" she asked, surprised.

"Well, we're making some tiny adjustments, no dancers."

In Evelina Sašenko's ballad, she's often changing the distance between herself and the microphone. This is often seen on stage with the artists. Evelina and her team members explain:

"All singers do this, since they have to control the strength of the sound. It's closer for subtle sound and further away for stronger.

This is a matter of practise, when you are just a beginner, you keep it at the same distance, and the sound director is gonna have problems adjusting it all by himself. But when you've go the hang of it, you can work together with the sound director."

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Rehearsal - Warm colours and strong vocals

Evelina's performance of C'est Ma Vie seems to want to evoke a number of emotions amongst the listener. Not only does she have a very strong and pure voice, but the mellow blues, purples and greens as well as the twinkling star effects on the LED wall do provide a certain atmosphere i the Arena. 

Her performance has not really changed. Evelina was still alone on stage with a white piano wearing a simple white and black dress so as not to take attention away from her powerful and emotional song. 

One striking element of her performance still remains how she uses sign-language in the second verse of her song. This makes her song more accessible and is also a very endearing feature of her performance. 

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A video from the second rehearsal:

Press Conference - A love of musicals

"I never expected to get the ticket to Eurovision but I am glad to be here with you", Evelina said when she entered the press conference room.

Her first thought was "Oh my god, what have we done", when she won the national final. 

One question was whether or not Evelina had had contact with any previous Lithuanian Eurovision Song Contest entrants to which she replied that she had previously been in contact with Sasha Son who represented the country in 2009. 

Evelina has a very deep-rooted passion for French music and said "it is a very expressive and deep music", when explaining why she liked it. 

The composer explained that the song was written for Evelina. It seems that the song was written to sound like a musical. 

"Musicals are very close to me. Usually I sing different music like jazz but with musicals I feel very comfortable. I have a dream to take part in a very big country in a musical show and I hope to participate there", said Evelina when asked if she also liked musicals. 

To finish off with Evelina sang a song in French at the request of a member of the press. 

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