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Sofia shines on stage for Georgia

Posted 19 May 2010 at 16:13

The TV-viewers will get to see a very dynamic stage act to the Georgian entry Shine, performed by Sofia Nizharadze. In today's rehearsal, she entered the stage barefoot, with three backing dancers holding her. Then, an elaborate choreography started, involving also the lead singer herself: she danced with them, was carried by them and in the end of the song, the dancers even lifted Sofia high, which created the image of a cross on the TV screen.
A wind machine was also used to underline the dramatic performance, and in the last run of the rehearsal, the pyrotechnical effects were also shown. They consisted of flames appearing in front of Sofia in the end of the song. Sofia showed that she is an experienced stage artist, with her facial expressions and gestures well matching the dramatic song.
Two female backing vocalists were on stage with Sofia, and together they showed an amazing vocal performance. During the rehearsal, all artists appeared in casual clothes, though we can already reveal that Sofia will be wearing a long bright red dress with red Swarovski crystals attached to it on the Semi-Final night.
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"A shiny comeback for Georgia"

In the press conference, Sofia Nizharadzhe first introduced the whole team, including the choreographer Redha Benteifour, who comes originally from France, and the head of the Georgian delegation, Maia Baratashvili. Sofia and her choreographer both confirmed that they were very happy about the stage and their first rehearsal.
Asked about the withdrawal of Georgia in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, Maia Baratashvili explained that the main thing was that Georgia is back in the contest this year, and that the whole team was not here for political reasons, but just for music. Sofia Nizharadze added that she considered it "a shiny comeback for Georgia".
When Sofia was asked about her professional career, she said that it was very important to her to have a classical education in music, but her participation in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest was an important step towards a successful pop career. She also sang a small excerpt of Shine accappella to the press, but admitted that it was hard for her to sing without warming up first.
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Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Sofia Nizharadze graduated with honours from the musical academy of the Tbilisi State conservatory where she studied piano and vocals. At age 3 she started performing on a professional stage and her talent was unanimously admired by a wide audience. When she was 7, she was mentored by Jansugh Kakhidze, a prominent Georgian conductor, and author of famous soundtracks for Georgian cinema productions that turned into hits among Georgian music fans.
Soon after, Sofia joined a children music choir where she took the lead as a talented vocalist at various shows, and TV projects. Later on, she performed the world hit Sous Le Ciel De Paris at the French Embassy. Bernard Pivout, a journalist, amazed by her talent invited her to his program at TV5. Sofia has won numerous awards in her career and has also starred in musicals like Romeo and Juliet and Notre Dame De Paris. She has also performed a duet with José Carreras in 2001.
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