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Sofi Marinova presents her new video for Love Unlimited

11 April 2012 at 19:00 CEST

The video of the song Love Unlimited performed by Sofi Marinova tells five stories about love and how it feels in its overall aspects - not only between couples but also between friends, families, ect. Sofi is the uniting link in the stories.

Sofi's stylist is Antonia Yordanova. The singer's image is extremely purified, elegant and tender, without the bright colors and jewellery that Sofi usually wears. Directing the video is Nickolay Nankov, who won numerous international awards and is one of the best creative and original musical authors in Bulgaria working with the most popular Bulgarian stars, like Lili Ivanova, Nely Rangelova or Bulgaria's singer in 2007, Elitsa Todorova.

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A busy pre-Eurovision agenda

Sofi has launched a new website: as the next stage of the internet campaign concerning the promotion of her song for Baku. The website is the result of the mutual cooperation between BNT and the performer's production team with the assistance of Bulgarian fans of Eurovision. It is in two languages, Bulgarian and English.

On the 27th of March, the eve of the International Day of Romani Gypsies, Sofi Marinova performed at the European Parliament by the invitation of Bulgarian Members from Political Party GERB. Gypsy's anthem, Dzhelem-Dzhyelem opened the event which culminated with Love Unlimited.

BNT, with the assistance of OGAE Bulgaria, organized the performance of Sofi Marinova at the Greek National Final. The interest towards the Eurovision Song Contest is high in Greece and so was the appearance of the Bulgarian singer who stayed in Athens for 2 days in order to have time to meet with different media and the OGAE Greece Eurovision fans.

Sofi Marinova will also attend Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam next Saturday the 21st of April.

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The song Love Unlimited will be performed by Sofi Marinova on the 2nd Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest the 24th of May in Baku, Azerbaijan.