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Snippets: Finnish wildcard standing; Bulgarian date?

The Finnish broadcaster YLE changed their national selection this year a bit by giving a chance to three wildcards, chosen in an SMS-vote. The thirty lucky ones were chosen by a jury and have been available for listening and voting on YLE's website.

The broadcaster now has revealed the ones who have gathered the most votes so far. It's Saara Aalto, AiA, Saga Bloom, Bääbs, Daisy Jack, Linn Nygård, Rock’n Roll Sensation, Geir Rönning, Sister Twister and Roni Tran. The voting is still open and you can vote till next Thursday.

Bulgarian date set?

The Bulgarian press has revealed that their representative for the 2010 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show, might be revealed on the 18th of October. 

According to the media, 51 artists have been considered by the broadcaster BNT. The chosen act will perform five songs to choose from in the national final. How this will exactly look like, is yet to be seen.