Snippets: Alexander's video; ask Yohanna; Aysel's new album

First the plan was to release the video today at 12.00 CET on the website of Norway's biggest newspaper VG. This, however, has been delayed. "The world premiere of the music video Roll With The Wind" is a bit delayed. We publish a link as soon as everything is ready," the people from his management reported. So, stay tuned!

UPDATE: You can see the video on Alexander Rybak's artist page.

Want to ask Yohanna something?

Yohanna, the Icelandic singer who finished second with her song Is It True? in Moscow at the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, has called for questions from fans. "I'm collecting all the questions from my websites, Facebook, MySpace, iLike, and Twitter so you better get them in fast," she says. Keep her posted!

New album for Aysel

Aysel, one half of the duo who brought Azerbaijan their third place, is recording a new album, she reports on her Twitter page. She's doing that with Arash with whom she took the stage in Moscow, performing Always.

Apparently she's been practising a lot and that's even been heard by other's living in the same building. "I was singing so loud in the house that someone from neighbour apartment started knocking on my wall," she laughs. "We will record tomorrow so don't care about the neighbour, practise more. Call me if it would be a problem," Arash replied.

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