Smoky Swiss tight-fit

The Swiss Lovebugs have plenty of experience from the music business. When they returned to the arena for their second rehearsal with their entry The Heighest Heights, they held on to the previously presented show with little change. The Swiss delegation reported slight changes in the camera production, but the important improvement is that the band now stays closer together on the big stage in Moscow. This is hoped to avoid a shattered impression. The LED screens during the show still show landscapes – starting with a nighttime city which is turning into a city during daytime, after which the viewer gets transported to a snow-capped mountain chain. After this, the planet is shown from space, and finally the imagery takes off into space, sprayed with falling stars. In the opening of the entry, the band uses plenty of smoke on the stage combined with the strong breath of a wind machine. In the press conference, the band, talking about the poor Swiss results in recent years, purposed that the introduction of the juries in 2009 would be good for their chances in the contest.

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