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Slovenian princesses open rehearsals today

19 May 2012 at 10:39 CEST

Princesses in a fairytale

Backstage, Eva Boto and her team were busy preparing their dresses, but managed a short chat with Eva commented "It's a very beautiful dress that I am wearing, but it takes some time to prepare and tie everything together!."

Backing singer Martina Majerle is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest, having been a backing vocalist on numerous occasions, and the lead vocalist for Slovenia in 2009 with Quartissimo. She said of the outfits "We are like princesses in a fairytale. We all look like we are about to get married!."

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Immaculate stage presence

After the first run through of rehearsals, Eva complained about not being able to hear the sound properly, so there was a short delay whilst the technical issues were fixed.

Eva and her five female backing vocalists are all in elegant white dresses, but they are not wearing the veils which they did in the Slovenian selection. The choreography begins with a classical feel, with the backing singers stood behind Eva. As the song builds they join Eva towards the front of the stage.

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The LED backdrop begins with a dark blue setting with images of white sheets waving. The colour changes to a golden effect as the tempo builds to the powerful finale. 

When considering Eva is just 16 years old has only joined the ranks of professional artists so recently, her stage presence, confidence and the way she plays the cameras are more like what you would expect from a seasoned professional with decades of experience.

Every country should sing in their own language

At the second press conference Eva opened by saying "This rehearsal was really good, I was enjoying it on stage, totally relaxed. I am really feeling prepared for the Second Semi-Final now."

Eva was asked about the choice of language to perform in and said "I love the Slovene language and English, I think at this competition it's best to represent your country and it's culture. I think that every country should sing in their own language. You get to experience a lot of other languages that way. We did record an English and Serbian language verison of the song."

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Despite her tender years, Eva is ready for this experience in Baku adding "It's an amazing feeling, i'm only 16, and I have this big stage in front of such a big audience. It's cool because everyone is talking about the fact i'm only 16 and so relaxed. It's the biggest opportunity for my career to showcase myself to the world."

Eva and the team performed an acapella version of the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest winner Molitva, Eva closed the conference by singing a chorus from the winning song of Azerbaijan last year Running Scared.

Slovenian television host Klemen Slakonja has made a video called Slovenia Will Win, you can check it out below.