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Hannah - Straight Into Love (Slovenia 2013)
Hannah - Straight Into Love (Slovenia 2013)
Photo: EBU

Slovenian EMA scheduled for March

The most important details are being set. After a lot of speculations, Miša Molk (Editor of EMA contest) and Aleksander Radić (Head of Slovenian delegation at Eurovision Song Contest) confirmed that decision about the artist who will represent the country in Copenhagen is going to be made through televoting in a TV show scheduled for Saturday, 8th of March at 20:00 CET, on the first channel of RTV Slovenija.

In other words, TV audience will have a final vote, but before that, there will be an internal selection of artists and authors, who are going to be part of EMA 2014 (National selection also known as Evrovizijska melodija). The contest has been traditionally organised since 1993 (except in 1994 and 2000 when Slovenia didn’t take part at Eurovision).

More details to be announced soon!

This TV show has a format that went through a lot of changes and adjustments over the past years, but it always managed to get a lot of attention even outside of the country. EMA has great TV ratings and some of the competing songs usually end up in Slovenian charts and turn into big hits.

Nevertheless, more details about EMA 2014 are going to be announced in the following weeks.

For those who missed the Allocation Draw for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest held on Monday, 20th of January in Copenhagen – Slovenia will take part in second half of the Second Semi-Final, on Thursday, 8th of May.

In the previous Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö (2013), this country was represented by Hannah Mancini with the song Straight Into Love (check the video). However, she didn’t manage to qualify for the Final.