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Slovenian classical symphony

09 May 2009 at 12:53 CEST

Martina and the musicians are all behind five separate canvas curtains at the beginning of the song. Quartissimo tear them down and break free of them first, and play their violins and cello while Martina sings from behind the canvas.She emerges during the middle of the song. The first verse is sung in Slovenian and the remainder of the song in English. The performers were not in their Semi-Final costumes today. The staging is effective with black and white musical scores and violin strings on the LED screens.

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The press conference opened with Head of Press Andrej Hofer introducing the Slovenian team. He also added that the team were disappointed that they didn't have time to play any music at the first press conference, so therefore the musicians set up a quiz where the band played three tunes from a previous Eurovision Song Contest and handed out prizes for the first person to guess the tune correctly.


Lead singer Martina Majerle was asked about her career before she joined Quartissimo. She said "I was a lead vocalist previously in a group for seven years, and also have done a lot of work in Croatia as a backing vocalist." There are no plans to change any part of the staging of the song, there were some initial problems with the tearing down of the screens but a solution has been found now.