Slovenia to decide for Belgrade tonight

The national final which always sets the viewing rates in Slovenia alight is affectionately called EMA - which should not be mistaken for MTV's European Music Awards! Having participated since 1993, it's the 14th time that Slovenia will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest as an independent country. Their best result so far is the 7th place of Nusa Derenda's Energy from the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. 

No clear favourite

The show will start at 19:55 CET in RTVSLO's Studio 1 in Ljubljana. The presenters will be Bernarda Žarn and Mario Galunič. According to experts, there is no clear favourite in the running, so we're all in for an exciting evening!

The participants

From the initial 20 songs in the semi-finals, 10 are left to compete in tonight's thrilling final:

  1. Manca Špik - Še Vedno Nekaj Čutim
  2. Eva Černe - Dovolj
  3. Langa In Civili - Za Svobodo Divjega Srca
  4. 4Play - DJ
  5. Johnny Bravo - Butn....Butn!!!!
  6. Tina Gačnik - Tiana - Povej!
  7. Cole In Predsednik - Dober Planet
  8. Rebeka Dremelj - Vrag Naj Vzame
  9. Turbo Angels - Zabava
  10. Brigita Šuler - Samara

Slovenia will participate in the first Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, on 20th May in Belgrade.

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