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Slovenia: Tinkara’s new version of “Round And Round"

Tinkara's production team decided to change the song a bit, making it more attractive for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. "Some hard production changes were made for the official Eurovision version of the song. We dared to be a bit more progressive in the sound and Tinkara added some high notes as the 'grand finale' of the song«, explained Raay, the producer and composer of this year's Slovenian entry.

The video is published exclusively on and the excitement among the Eurovision fans who have heard that Tinkara's Round And Round will sound differently, has been high and above all expectations, in the last few days.

Tinkara: They say I'm a concert freak

Slovenian well-known flautist, musician and lyricist Tinkara Kovač is not being a part of Eurovision euphoria for the first time. Still, she is really looking forward going to Copenhagen in May. asked her how different it is - this time?

»You are making it sound like going through some roller-coaster ride! Well yes, maybe it is a little bit like that, but I have to be honest - I am first of all a musician and a concert freak (they say) so I think I am mainly going to enjoy the live performance, just being myself with a little bit of magic and spice that such a huge stage and audience can add, and leave the rest to the universe and good luck. So nothing scary, but a lot of positive excitement«, Tinkara said.

While waiting for the world's video premiere of Slovenian entry with the great impatience among the Eurovision community, we asked Raay one more question. This time it was a hard one: What makes this song different than others?

"Tinkara is the only rockish singer in the world that plays flute in her songs. Besides that, the approach of how this song was made is a big test-point for us. After winning EMA 2014 with the first version of the song, we decided to go with another approach that I'm not sure anyone has ever tried. I've spent many nights reading comments and different opinions from fans about what we should do or how we should improve it. In the end, we decided to go with the synergy of what our creative team did with the song and what Eurovision fans suggested", Raay explained.