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Slovenia: Spot on for the youngest participant

16 May 2012 at 10:29 CEST

Before her first rehearsal, Eva Boto spoke to right after her first microphone check. We asked her if she was nervous about going on stage, being the youngest entrant in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, at only 16 years: "No, but I'm excited", she said. "It's such a great opportunity for me to perform on such a big stage."

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Her song Verjamem will be performed completely in Slovenian language on the Eurovision stage. "We recorded an English version a short time ago, but this was only for promotional reasons. We will not use it for Eurovision", Eva Boto explained.

In her team is one of the most prolific Eurovision backing vocalists in past years, Martina Majerle. It's her sixth time in the Eurovision Song Contest since 2003. "Back then I thought it will be my only time, but then opportunities kept popping up again and again. It's so great, I love being here: Back home I feel just like a worker, but in Eurovision, everyone is just so nice, people recognise you, they know your name, talk to you." 

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Eva Boto entered the stage in the Baku Crystal Hall together with five backing vocalists. All of them were wearing long white dresses, and Eva's had a flower decoration attached. They already left a very vocally strong impression during the first soundcheck of their song Verjamem. 

Fitting the romantic atmosphere of the ballad, which was written by Vladimir Graić and Hari Mata Hari, both of which are true Eurovision legends, they used a very elegant choreography: The backing vocalists were just standing in the back of the stage in the beginning of the act, waving their hands. Then, towards the end of the song, they stepped forward together with Eva.

The light scene on stage changed from cool blue in the beginning of the song to a gold-coloured scenery in the end. There were spotlights on Eva Boto and the other vocalists, which went out right after the last note of the song. The background LEDs showed blue waving cloth, changing to golden bubbles in the middle of the act.

The Head of Press of the Slovenian Delegation, Andrej Hofer, started the press conference by giving information about all the backing vocalists and, of course, Eva Boto. "She is the youngest singer in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, and she is going to win!", he stated. "It's really an honour for me to be here, and I'm enjoying my time in Baku", Eva Boto added.

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When she was asked about the hats her backing vocalists had been wearing during the national final in Slovenia, Eva Boto explained that they would not be used for the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Baku. About her professional career, Eva Boto explained that she yet has to finish highschool, but she is planning to study music in either London or Graz.

The press conference host asked Eva Boto why she was performing a song in her mother tongue before an European audience: "It feels great to share a piece of our culture, and this works best when I'm singing in Slovene", she told the press. She then performed an accappella version of Verjamem for the journalists in the press centre in Baku, as well as of Prisluhni Mi, the Slovenian entry in the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest.