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Slovenia self critical of rehearsal

11 May 2008 at 20:04 CEST

Rebeka appears on stage with three female backing vocalists and two male dancers, one of whom choreographed the piece. Rebeka emerges from a cage at the beginning of the song, and is followed around by the male dancers. The theme of the song is about a girl feeling imprisoned by love, and wanting to break out, with love winning in the end.

Rebeka won the Miss Slovenia title in 2001, and had always showed promise as a singer. She gained a recording contract and has been one of the most popular recording artists in the past years. She won the 2008 EMA festival and therefore the ticket to represent Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest.

At the beginning of the press conference Rebeka made a statement saying "Our first rehearsal was really awful, so we're all in a bad mood right now. It was bad because of us and nobody else. Everything will go well in the future, so please no questions about the first rehearsal." Despite this, the press conference itself was very upbeat. A journalist asked why the song was not being performed in English, Rebeka added "We have recorded a version of the song called Heavy Weather, and the theme of this is very similar to the original. A story of two people breaking up, sending to hell. We only have two million people in Slovenia, soif we're not proud to sing in our own language we don't deserve it.".

Rebeka proceeded to sing a solo acapella version of Heavy Weather, which was greeted with much cheer amongst the assembled press. Finally Rebeka explained that the preview video clip for her song was made by a Croatian producer, and it was done before the national selection as she wanted to promote the song, and didn't have any idea whether she would win or not. In an interesting twist, it emerged that the man in the video was the winner of the current Mr Croatia title.

Slovenia will rehearse again on Thursday and the whole delegation are confident that everything will be as they desire by then. Rebeka will compete in the First Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 20th May 2008.