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Slovenia's ManuElla presents her official video

Olena Omelyanchuk
Posted 1 May, 2016, 14:23

The Slovenian representative has released the official video of Blue And Red. The video was created by Darko Drinovac, one of the most famous and professional directors in the Balkans. Watch ManuElla's official video of Blue And Red below!  

ManuElla, this year's Slovenian representative, recorded her official video of Blue And Red. The singer wished a "non-classical video", fulfilled with positive energy and special animations. ManuElla's director, Darko Drinovac, with his professional team realised all her wishes.
"During the recordings and otherwise I felt great. The organisation and the crew was at the highest possible level. My "the best of moment" was definitely the first and only pause where I ate pizza and "čevapčiči" at the same time, because I was so hungry and exhausted," ManuElla said about "best off" moments during the filming. 
Olena Omelyanchuk
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