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Slovenia's got talent - In the shape of Maja Keuc

23 April 2011 at 02:05 CEST

Maja Keuc in her own words

Maja describes herself as "An ordinary girl with extraordinary life story". She adds "I have lived like most teenagers do in Slovenia, attending school, enjoying a busy home life, plus being amongst a big circle of friends, and having dreams about world stage performances."

An early love of the stage and performing

Maja talks enthusiastically about her background, saying "My love of performing began when I started dancing and singing in the choir in the seventh grade when I joined the English Student Theatre in II. Gimnazija Maribor, in Slovenia's second city. There I gained my first stage experience in all areas, including singing, dancing and acting.  At the age of 13 I joined a rock band called Hrošči , where I started performing our own originally composed music.The band was successfully active mostly in their region for 3 years, then we drifted and went our own separate ways due to varying music interests we all had."

"At that same time I was also interested in other music genres, especially in soul, jazz and blues. I began singing in jam sessions at the Satchmo club in Maribor, I met renowned Slovenian musicians who are my friends now. In October 2009, aged 17, I performed inthe national TV show called Hri-bar for the first time and my fairytale started. Therefore, my actual music career has only just begun and there are so many options still ahead of me."

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The big break

Maja's rise to fame in the eye of her public came courtesy of her appearance on the talent show Slovenia's Got Talent. She finished in second place. Reflecting on her success in the show Maja said "My participation in that show was a great experience for me from every point of view. I got to enjoy the splendour of it all, and at the same time endure the tough moments, when the reality set in that to become a recognised musician and singer, a person has no right to a private life. It was a great long life school for me."

Experienced team behind Maja

Composer and lyricist, Matjaž and Urša Vlašič have an impressive pedigree in the Eurovision Song Contest. Between them they have been responsible for the Slovenian entries in 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2006. But how does Maja feel about working with such a respected and renowned team?  "I have not worked with them before the Slovenian EMA national final actually, Matjaž and Urša Vlašič are very experienced musicians, and they help me, but it's more than obvious that their vast experiences cannot be transferred directly to me, and therefore I will make some mistakes. However, it would probably be more unusual, if I was a perfect artist, especially considering my restless nature!"

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Vanilija or No One - which version does Maja prefer?

When reflecting on this question, Maja ponders "Language is really an important thing, especially in a Global event such as the Eurovision Song Contest. It seems that it is easier to sing in English, but does the version of No One sound muchmore melodic than Slovenian language? Maybe not, Slovenian is my native language and  it is a way in which I can think and feel alive. It is the most beautiful language for me and my people. English was chosen only because of the nature ofthe competition, giving the possibility that the widest possible circle of people who watch the contest can understand me as an artist. That is why Vanilija became No One. I am open minded about this subject , and I feel that the English version is very strong."

Amsterdam concert - meeting the opposition!

Maja has fond memories of the Eurovision concert in Amsterdam just a few weeks ago. She explains "It was a nice experience. Some names in the competition are very famous, but I do not have my favourite yet, because I respect anyone who has managed to break through the national qualification rounds. Eurovision has to be a celebration of music,  It represents a time for pleasure, laughter and sparkling new ideas about music. There is always a discussion about the winners. We always watch the contest for the music and the competitive spirit of it, keeping our fingers crossed for the most popular song. Therefore my main competition will be a fight with a big stage and my desire to sing as best as possible.

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Maja's aspirations for the future

  • To spend as much time possible in the sun, amongst the vineyards where I live
  • To be amongst people who support me and help me with my vocal chords
  • To move my body in harmony with my mind and keep a down to earth attitude with all of the expectations around me

Whatever happens in Germany, Maja already is well underway with plans to record her first solo album in Slovenia. would like to sincerely thank Maja Keuc for taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to share her thoughts and feelings with our readers.