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Slovenia ready to rumble tonight

01 February 2009 at 03:29 CET

Tonight's final of EMA 2009 was preceded by Saturday's semi-final, containing 14 songs competing för 8 tickets to the final. In the final they are joined by 6 automatic finalists, supplied by hitmusic songwriters, particularly with success in EMA in recent years.

The final will be decided by a 50:50 mix of jury and televoting. There will be no superfinal, so the viewers will only have one chance to make their opinion heard. During recent years, the jury and the televoters have disagreed markedly on several occasions in EMA.

The following acts qualifed from Saturday's semi-final:

  • Brigita Suler - Druga Liga 
  • Karmen Stavec - A Zi Zelis 
  • Nuska Drascek - Kako Lepo 
  • Lea Sirk - Znamenje Iz Sanj 
  • Quartissimo - Love Symphony 
  • Nexys - Vsaj Za En Den 
  • Ne Me Jugat & Slavko Ivancic - Kaj Me Briga 
  • Bjonde - Blonde Power

The following songs are pre-qualified for the final:

  • Cuki - Mal' Naprej Pa Mal' Nazaj
  • Omar Naber - I Still Carry On
  • Eva Cerne - Vse
  • Aliya & Rudi - Zadnji Dan 
  • Samuel Lucas - Vse Bi Zate Dal
  • Langa & Manca Spik - Zaigraj Muzikant

This gives the complete line-up for tonight's final, in order of appearance:

  1. Lea Sirk - Znamenje iz sanj
  2. Cuki - Mal' naprej pa mal' nazaj
  3. Quartissimo - Love symphony 
  4. Omar Naber - I still carry on
  5. Brigita Suler - Druga liga 
  6. Ne Me Jugat & Slavko Ivancic - Kaj me briga 
  7. Eva Cerne - Vse
  8. Karmen Stavec - A zi zelis 
  9. Aliya & Rudi - Zadnji dan 
  10. Bjonde - Blonde power 
  11. Samuel Lucas - Vse bi zate dal
  12. Nexys - Vsaj za en den 
  13. Langa & Manca Spik - Zaigraj muzikant
  14. Nuska Drascek - Kako lepo 

As with the semi-final, the final will be hosted by Peter Poles and Maja Martina Merljak. To Eurovision Song Contest viewers from previous years Peter Poles might be recognizable as the presenter of the Slovenian vote.

Interval acts during the show will be performed by Natalija Verboten, Helena Blagne, the 2008 Slovenian entry Rebeka Dremelj and the 2008 Eurovision winner Dima Bilan.

For EMA 2009, the organizing broadcaster RTV SLO originally received 113 entires, with 6 coming from foreign  countries: two from Ireland, two from the United Kingdom, one  from Sweden and one from Germany.

The final takes place between 19:55 and 22:00 CET. A webcast is available here.

Rebeka Dremelj, the Slovenian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, finished 11th in her semi-final with the entry Vrag Naj Vzname, thus not making it to the final. In 2009, Slovenia will  take part in the second semi final, which will take place on May 14th.