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Slovenia: Raiven ready to reveal ‘Veronika' music video

19 January 2024 at 18:02 CET
Raiven will represent Slovenia in Malmö Tjaša Barbo
Raiven, who will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö this May, will Premiere the music video for ‘Veronika’ on Saturday 20 January at 21:00 CET.

The Slovenian singer-songwriter has also revealed more about the making of 'Veronika':

‘The song was not written with the idea of going to Eurovision. When creating it, I focused primarily on the dramatic quality, which is key to telling Veronika's story effectively. I wanted her story to not only be expressed but also resonate with the year 2024. The idea that she needed music, which was just right – cinematic and contemporary – was present throughout the creative process.’

Behind the scenes from Raiven's music video David Lotrič Banović

Joining Raiven as a part of Veronika’s writing team is Bojan Cvjetićanin, frontman of Joker Out, Slovenia's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest last year in Liverpool.

‘Bojan is a very good friend of mine. We often talked about doing something together, and our musical collaboration on Veronika came about very spontaneously.’

Behind the scenes from Raiven's music video David Lotrič Banović

Raiven found inspiration for the track while researching the fates of iconic women and specifically Veronika Deseniška: a mysterious figure in Slovenian history whose ambiguity made Raiven retreat from reality into a calmer, inner world.

‘I don't think this kind of song needs English for the Eurovision performance. I am convinced that both the story and the music are strong and expressive enough that their essence and emotional depth will be perceived and understood even by non-Slovenian speakers.’

Behind the scenes from Raiven's music video David Lotrič Banović

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