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Slovenia opens second round of rehearsals

We found the Slovenian delegation relaxing backstage before their second rehearsal. While Hannah was warming up her voice with her two female backing singers, the dancers of Maestro were stretching and trying their moves.


The stage colours for Slovenia are white and blue and the charming Hannah and her backing group are wearing black outfits. The whole feeling with Straight Into Love is very energetic, and it kept everyone awake and fresh for the long day of rehearsals.

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The press conference

In the Slovenian delegation everyone is satisfied with the rehearsals so far. Hannah herself said they had a new chance to get more comfortable with the stage.

Being born in America, she was ask how is she being followed back at home, but she has no idea how many people are following the Eurovision Song Contest there.

She reckons that the big Eurovision stage is different to other stages she's performed at before, such as the Radio City Music Hall in New York.

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The Slovenian delegation is very happy with Hannah regardless of her passport, they see in her a great singer with a good voice, charisma and lots of energy. There were actually four singers that bid to represent Slovenia this year and after an internal selection process Hannah was given the great news.

Hannah has a lot of experience as a backing singer: she has been a backing singer in two Disney film soundtracks. She was also in the Jay Leno show with R'n'B singer Monica and she remembers it as a great experience. Right now she's collaborating mostly in the dance circuit as both session and club singer, her latest single with Mike Vale being up in the beatport charts.