Slovenia: Misija Evrovizija goes on without Flora Ema Lotrič

Tonight marked already the tenth heat of the talent show Misija Evrovizija. The theme of this show was rock, so everyone had to perform an internationally popular rock song.

This was the line-up of tonight's show (eliminated act in bold):

  • Flora Ema Lotrič
  • Manuela Brečko
  • Eva Boto
  • Nika Zorjan
  • Nika & Eva Prusnik

Manuela Brečko, Eva Boto and Nika & Eva Prusnik were picked by the jury to proceed to the next stage. Then, televoting decided if either Flora Ema Lotrič or Nika Zorjan should stay in the show - the public decided in favour of Nika Zorjan.

The next heat of Misija Evrovizija will take place next Sunday, on December 18th, with the remaining four acts continuing the road to Baku.

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