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Slovenia: ManuElla's stage performance

26 April 2016 at 14:02 CEST
ManuElla Žiga Mihelčič
ManuElla will not appear alone on the large Eurovision stage in the Globen Arena in Stockholm. The singer will share it with the Danish acrobat Jannik Baltzer Hattel, a member of the No Limits Acrobatics trio. ManuElla will also be accompanied by four backing vocalists during her rehearsals and live shows.

"The stage performance includes a number of visual effects. The main elements are a LED display, many shades of light colours, fireworks and wind. All these elements give additional value to the performance," explained Anže Škrube, the choreographer of this year's Slovenian entry.

Anže Škrube invited the Danish acrobat, Jannik Baltzer Hattel, to join the Slovenian team and accompany ManuElla during her performance in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. He is a member of No Limits Acrobatics trio. You can watch one of his shows on YouTube. Jannik Baltzer Hattel performed in many countries and for the Danish Royal Family.

"He is one of the best Danish gymnasts, and I am very pleased to have him in our team. Let him surprise you with his tricks; you will see them when he appears on the stage. It is all coordinated, and I believe it will have a great effect as a whole," said Škrube.



Four backing vocalists will accompany ManuElla on stage in the Globen Arena and stand behind the cameras. Three of them, Lea Sirk, Karin Zemljič and Mitja Bobič, are famous in the Slovenian popular music scene, will be joined by ManuElla's partner and the co-composer of this year’s Slovenian entry Blue And Red, Marjan Hvala. 

For Lea Sirk and Karin Zemljič it will be their second appearance as backing singers at the Eurovision Song Contest (2010 and 2015), whilst it will be the first time for Mitja Bobič.