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Slovenia: Listen to the song snippets of EMA 2016

16 February 2016 at 15:14 CET
This year's EMA participants ani Ugrin, RTV SLO
Some days ago, the Slovenian public broadcaster RTVSLO, published details of the ten participants of EMA 2016, the Slovenian national final, which will take place on 27th February. Today, extracts of all ten participating entries have been revealed. Listen to them on Youtube! 

Seven singers will perform their entries in English and three in Slovenian. The final line-up is as follows:

  • Anja Baš - What If (music- Anja Baš; lyrics - Anja Baš; arrangement - Franci Zabukovec, Anja Baš)
  • Anja Kotar - Too Cool (music - Anja Kotar, lyrics - Anja Kotar; arrangement - Pascal Guyon)
  • D Base - Spet Živ (music – Alex Volasko, lyrics – David Domjanič, Nejc Žehelj, Benjamin Dolić, Alex Volasko; arrangement - Alex Volasko)
  • ManuElla - Blue And Red (music - Manuella Brechko, Marjan Hvala; lyrics - Leon Oblak; arrangement - Marjan Hvala)
  • Nuša Derenda - Tip Top (music - Žiga Pirnat, Andraž Gliha; lyrics - Žiga Pirnat; arrangement - Žiga Pirnat)
  • Raiven - Črno Bel (music - Tadej Košir, Jernej Kržič; lyrics - Sara Briški Cirman; arrangement - Tadej Košir, Jernej Kržič)
  • Regina - Alive In Every Way (music - Aleksander Kogoj, Jon Dobrun; lyrics - Jon Dobrun; arrangement - Aleksander Kogoj)
  • San Di EGO - Brez Tebe (music - Nino Oślak; lyrics - Igor Pirkovič; arrangement -

    Sergej Škofljanec, Matija Ajdič, Martin Rozman, Jure Doles)
  • Sebastijan Lukovnjak - Tales Of Tomorrow (music - Martin Bezjak; lyrics - Tadej Jambrovič, arrangement - Martin Bezjak)
  • Žan Serčič - Summer Story (music - Žan Serčič; lyrics - Žan Serčič, arrangement - Žan Serčič)
Gallery: Participants at EMA 2016

Voting procedure

As in 2011, 2014 and 2015, the voting procedure will consist of two rounds. In the first round, three members of a professional jury will evaluate all ten performances and choose two super finalists. These two lucky contestants will perform their entries once again in the second round, where the public will decide the winner of EMA 2016 in Slovenia.

Host of EMA 2016

This year's Slovenian final will be hosted by Klemen Slakonja, the famous Slovenian TV moderator, actor and singer. Klemen Slakonja moderated EMA in 2011 and 2012. He also was a spokesperson who announced the Slovenian voting in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.