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Slovenia: How many string instruments on stage?

22 April 2009 at 18:19 CEST


The final of EMA, the nationally very popular Slovenian selection, consisted of 14 entries – eight from Saturday's semi-final and six automatic finalists from specifically invited composers. The result was decided in half by televoting and in half by a jury.

Quartissimo finished fourth in the televote but had the favour and twelve points of the jury. The viewers voted Langa & Manca Špik as number one, but their entry Zaigraj Muzikant recieved no points from the jury. Omar Naber, the 2005 Slovenian Eurovision representative, finished second overall. In previous years the voting of the jury and the televoters has disagreed on many occasions in EMA.

The song is composed by Andrej Babić and Aleksandar Valenčić. Babić is responsible for several previous entries in the Eurovision Song Contest. He has represented four different countries: Croatia (Claudia's Više Nisam Tvoja, 15th place in 2003), Bosnia-Herzegovina (Feminnem's Call Me, 14th place in 2005), Slovenia (Alenka Gotar's Cvet Z Juga, 15th place in 2007), and Portugal (Vânia Fernandes' Senhora Do Mar, 13th place in 2008). This year he also participated in the Serbian national final Beovizija.

You can see the winning song in Slovenia below:


The band's vocalist Martina Majerle is a student of Economics and has actually participated in the Eurovision Song Contest three time (!) before but as a backing vocal. But why stick to cold facts - read what she told us in her interview!

You can read more about the violin players Žiga Cerar, Matjaž Bogataj, Samo Dervišić and Luka Dukarićas - with impressive CVs - on their Artist Profiles.

Slovenia will perform tenth in the second Semi-Final of this year's Eurovision Song Contest on the 14th of May in Moscow.