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Slovenia has spoken: It’s ‘Joker Out’ for Liverpool 2023

08 December 2022 at 11:59 CET
Joker Out will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool RTV Slovenija
Slovenian national broadcaster RTV Slovenija has announced their pick for the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Liverpool next year. Meet... ‘Joker Out’.

Loved by local critics and gig-goers alike, Joker Out (Bojan, Jure, Kris, Jan, and Nace) are extremely popular in Slovenia, dominating the charts for a number of years.

RTV Slovenija said the decision to opt for an internally selected act this year was not a hard one to make when presented with the opportunity of working with one of the most successful and exciting bands in Slovenia. 

Joker Out's entry for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest will be presented to the public in a special show on Saturday 4 February next year.

The boys see Eurovision as a big challenge and an exciting opportunity: 

‘All members in the band are big fans of the Eurovision. It is our wish to perform there for some time now, but we were waiting for the right moment. Although we are young, the fast progress of our career has brought us loads of experience, motivation and creative energy: we are ready for this challenge. Regarding the style of music present at the Eurovision Song Contest – we need to say that it is well past being defined or limited to just one genre. We are staying true to our distinctive Joker Out sound, no matter where and when we perform.’


Joker Out will represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool RTV Slovenija

Head of the Entertainment Division of TV Slovenija, Vanja Vardjan added: 

‘We decided to use a tried and tested form of national selection, namely the internal selection. We have chosen Joker Out, who, like Magnifico and the bands Siddharta and Big Foot Mama before them, bring good quality popular music to the Slovenian music scene to the delight of the broadest of audiences. We were looking for a good sound and popularity, and I’m convinced that we have found them.’


RTV Slovenija hopes to see their Eurovision project connect the Entertainment Division and music department of the Val 202 radio channel to an even greater extent, as Žiga Klančar, Head of Music Department at Val 202, explains: 

‘Joker Out are the most played artists, therefore the decision to choose them as Slovenian’s Eurovision Song Contest representatives was sensible, and has our full support. We look forward to all future collaborations.’

The band will follow in the footsteps of fan favourites LPS who performed Disko in Turin at the Contest earlier this year.

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