Slovenia has high hopes for Maja Keuc

Backstage with Maja

Maja arrived backstage as the first artist of the day. "We're enjoying ourselves and having so much fun, this is an experience I will never forget!" she said.

But this morning, Maja was tired. All of the artists attended the welcome party yesterday evening. Maja adds "We are like half alive now. We left the party at twelve o'clock," she says.

No heavy dress today

"I have to sing it through, and I hope I will manage okay. We can't wait to get on the stage again. We should do more exact moves with our bodies than in the first rehearsal, because it looks different on camera."

Maja was not wearing her heavy stage dress with metal in it today. "They told me that it's not necessary today, so now I can move actually!"

Some journalists can film her rehearsal and post it on the Internet, even at other places than Maja was surprised to learn this. She says "Oh, really? Well, I'm very calm about it, I don't worry."


Maja is today wearing knee high black leather boots, with a white top and red jacket. The backing singers are to the sides of the stage at the start of the performance, and join Maja at the first chorus.

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During Maja's second press conference, the team were introduced, and it was revealed that the choreographer has been twice world champion with his dancing group. 

Maja was asked if any changes were made for the second rehearsal, she said:

 We are really tired from yesterday, it's hard to sing this early, it was ok, we were very satisfied, the only thing we really focused on was some more exact steps in the choreography

Different meanings

Urša Vlašič, the lyricist of No One was asked about the meaning of the lyrics in the original Slovene version Vanilija and whether they were related. She explained "The two are separate lyrics, there was another woman mentioned in the original lyric, No One is not a translation they are totally separate lyrics."

Maja added "Although the title in Slovenian is Vanilija, I'm not singing about ice cream!, it refers to the scent of the other woman in the original lyrics." 

Martina Majerle, backing singer from Slovenia has experience of representing her country beforehand, she offered Maja some advice? Martina added "She has to concentrate only on herself, not worry about the other competitors, media or audience. Just some basic advice we talked about."

Trips and parties planned

Maja was asked about her plans for the coming days. She said "We will see the city a little more, we'll be going to Cologne, rehearse some more, we're going to the Greek party and some other ones." 

Maja fell on the stage during the final of  Slovenia's Got Talent, a journalist asked whether she was worried about same happening again?

Maja joked "I'm wearing high heels all of the time. I slipped because it was wet on the stage in Slovenia. My heels are even higher now, but the shoes are very comfortable. I sleep in them!. I'm used to them now so i'm not worried." 

Maja and her team rounded off the press conference by singing a song from Sister Act, called Joyful Joyful. 

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