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Slovenia:Eva Boto and Nika & Eva Prusnik will contest EMA 2012

08 January 2012 at 23:00 CET

Since the beginning of October 2011, a series of Misija Evrovizija heats have taken place. Gradually, the original 32 contestants have been reduced week by week, to the three surviving finalists who contested the final this evening.

Introducing tonight's finalists

Nika Zorjan

Nika Zorjan is the oldest of the finalists at the tender age of 19, she hails from Petanjci. She has joint favourite Eurovision songs,  Maja Keuc's Slovenian entry No One from 2011 and Anna Vissi's Everything which represented Greece in the 2006 Final in Athens.

Nika & Eva Prusnik


Nika & Eva Prusnik are 16 year old sisters. They are from Skofljica. Nika's favourite Eurovision song is Ruslana's Wild Dances for Ukraine 2004 and Eva's is Tajci's 1990 Yugoslav entry Hajde Da Ludujemo.

Eva Boto

Eva Boto is also 16 and hails from Šentjanž in Dravograd. She admits to having joint favourite songs in Europe's Favourite TV Show, and is patriotic, choosing Darja Svajger's Prislunhi Mi from Slovenia 1995 and Maja Keuc's Slovene entry No One from 2011.

Tonight's performances

For the first performances of the evening, the acts sang their favourite song they had performed in the previous heats. These were as follows:-

  • Nika Zorjan - Listen
  • Nika & Eva Prusnik - Samo Malo
  • Eva Boto - Because Of You

After the first songs, each of the three acts then had to put their own stamp on versions of classics from Europe's Favourite TV Show over the years. The songs performed were :-

  • Nika Zorjan - Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi (Switzerland 1988 winner)
  • Nika & Eva Prusnik - Wild Dances (Ukraine 2004 winner)
  • Eva Boto - Running Scared (Azerbaijan 2011 winner)

The three hopefuls then all had to give their own rendition of the theme song to Misija Evrovizija Čas Za Nas. These performances were mimed, and not sung live this evening.

Decision time

The judges gave their opinions after every performance. The Slovenian televoting public also had their say and were able to vote for who they felt were the best two candidates.

During the various interval acts, viewers were treated to performances from Omar Naber, a Maja Keuc medley from her debut album, and then a duet with Nuša Derenda You Shook Me All Night Long. The host himself, Klemen Slakonja also got in on the act and sang to all four of the judges individually!.

The two acts who progressed to the Slovenian national selection EMA 2012 were firstly the winner of the public televote, and then the second place being decided by the four judges. It was announced that these were Eva Boto and Nika & Eva Prusnik.

This meant that after a long journey, Nika Zorjan had to leave the show. The final of EMA 2012 will be held on February 26th when Eva Boto and Nika & Eva Prusnik will go head to head for the Slovenian ticket to Baku.