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Slovenia: Eurovision mission over for Gašper Rifelj

Posted 13 November 2011 at 22:04

This will then leave three acts to fight it out for the two places on offer in the national selection EMA 2012. The show where three will become two will be held on December 25th.
Host Klemen Slakonja showed baby pictures of all of the artists prior to their performances, whilst Maja Keuc was talking to the friends and family of the contestants in the green room.
Tonight's performances were as follows (Eliminated act in bold):-
  • Manuela Brečko - Like A Prayer
  • Flora Ema Lotrič - Think Twice
  • Gašper Rifelj - Alone
  • Eva & Nika Prusnik - Gangsta's Paradise
  • Nika Zorjan - Would I Lie To You
  • Nadja Irgolič - Ironic
  • Brina Vidic - The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  • Eva Boto - Any Man Of Mine
During the interval, Maja Keuc performed the Christina Aguilera hit Tough Lover, from the hit movie Burlesque. You can watch the performance here.
Six performers were announced as having qualified for next weeks show, leaving Flora Ema Lotrič and Gašper Rifelj singing for survival, where they had to perform another song for the judges and televoting public. Check out tonight's performances here.

Only girls remain in the competition

A further voting window then opened, before the announcement that Flora Ema Lotrič had survived the vote, thus eliminating Gašper Rifelj from the show. This means that Slovenia are guaranteed now to be represented by a female act in Baku.
Next week, the seven remaining performers will sing again, and one more contestant will be voted off.
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