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Slovenia: End of the road for Nadja Irgolič

Posted 20 November 2011 at 22:05

After the elimination of Gašper Rifelj last week, there were no male acts left standing in Misija Evrovizija. So, we know for sure that Slovenia will be represented by a female soloist or group in Europe's Favourite TV Show in Baku in 2012.
Tonight's show was again hosted by Klemen Slakonja and Maja Keuc. In the first interval between the performances, Maja Keuc performed a version of Beyonce's Crazy In Love, together with Zlatko which you can watch here.
Tonight's performances were all performed in Slovenian and were as follows (Eliminated act in bold):-
  • Nika Zorjan - Ladadidej
  • Flora Ema Lotrič - Malo Ta Malo Tam
  • Nadja Irgolič - Alya
  • Brina Vidic - Moje Luči
  • Eva Boto - Prisluhni Mi
  • Manuela Brečko - Dež
  • Eva & Nika Prusnik - Samo Malo

Sing off for survival

After the seven performances, five acts were announced as safely through to the next round. The two contestants with the fewest votes were Nadja Irgolič and Brina Vidic. They had to sing again for their survival.
After another interval, Klemen and Maja revealed that Brina Vidic had survived and Nadja Irgolič was going home.
That now leaves six contestants vying for the two places available in the national selection. Next week, another performer will be voted off, bringing us down to the final five.
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