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Slovenia: Classical music behind canvases

06 May 2009 at 10:29 CEST

Slovania's Love Symphony started with a long instrumental part, which underlined the symphonical character of the song. In the beginning three violinists and one cellist were hidden behind white decorated canvases which were allocated along the stage, so only their shades were seen when they started playing. After some moments the musicians tore down the canvases from the frames and appeared on stage in black costumes. The singer, Martina Majerle, also stood behind a framed canvas in the middle of the stage and stepped forward in a white dress in the second part of the entry. The violinists were moving around her. The LEDs showed musical notes and strings of a violin on a black background. At first Martina sang completely in English, and only in the second run she performed the version for the Semi-Final, which is partly in Slovenian, partly in English.


Slovenia's group for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest - Quartissimo feat. Martina - consists of four instrumentalists: Žiga Cerar, Matjaž Bogataj, Samo Dervišić and Luka Dukarić with the vocals provided by Martina Majerle. They won the Slovene national final in February convincingly against 19 competitors and their song Love Symphony  has become very popular on Slovene radio stations since then reaching the No.1 spot of the most important charts. The composer, Andrej Babić is a song contest veteran: the first composer ever in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest to have entered songs for four different countries: Croatia in 2003, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2005, Slovenia in 2007 and Portugal in 2008!

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In the press conference, which was complimented by the host Dimitry Shépelev to be the most musical press conference ever, Quartissimo performed their entry unplugged. They were also reminded of the instrumental success of Nocturne, the latest winner for Norway, and responded with performing that song on the violin as well. When reminded that a violin had a part of Believe, the success entry of Dima Bilan in 2008, they offered to perform that song as well – but this time enough was enough, and they were stopped by the host. The group wished to remind that they are actual musicians, even though the music during the performance in Moscow has to be pre-recorded.

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