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Slovenia brings a recipe for friendship

16 May 2015 at 20:09 CEST
Marjetka, the singer of Maraaya is recognisable through her trademark, the studio headphones. On stage, she supported by her friend and husband. And together they create a great atmosphere, concentrating on Marjetka’s distinctive voice and her face expression.

The Slovenian delegation is satisfied with the first rehearsal and with the cooperation with the technicians in the Wiener Stadthalle: "We listen to them and they listen to us, so everything is good." The biggest challenge during the Eurovision Song Contest is "to get food", Raay admitted. "I really have to be careful that I don’t miss food there, because last year we were given a lot of interviews and stuff", and the artist forgot to eat.  

"Our song is about friendship. It’s about having someone you count on. When you are down and have not the best days in your life, it’s always good to know that there is someone for you, be it friend, family or partner. If you know you know that then you are also there for that somebody."

Gallery: Maraaya during their second rehearsal

The duo Maraaya consists of Marjetka and Raay. They are married and are parents of two boys. The artists formed Maraaya last year, when they released their first single Lovin' Me which was a big success in Slovenia and also abroad. Since then they are together for the most time of day and night. And them have the recipe for it: "We are both family people. We put family on the first place. It is our priority. It is great to know that you have somebody there for you who has the same mindset as you have. In music, we both go for the same goals."

"But we are not all the time together in the hotel. We have two rooms in the hotel, ‘cause sometime I snore and she can’t sleep well", joked Raay.

Emotional and outstanding performance

During the Slovenian performance, the most attention is paid to Marjetka distinct voice and facial expression. Her beautiful blue eyes are underlined through close up shots – the eyes of friend never lie. All in all, the artists deliver an emotional and outstanding performance with "less is more".

Press conference

In the postcards, the Slovenian artists had a horse excursion in Styria at Lipizzanergestüt Piber: "We both love horses. They have special energy," said Marjetka.

"What would you enjoy most: being a jury member, composer of somebody else’s entry or staying on stage?" one journalist asked Raay for his special Eurovision research. Raay said that they enjoy most this year. Aleksander Radic, the head of the Slovenian delegation, praised this year’s artists: hard-working, enthusiastic, extremely professional.

Marjetka told that she is already "thrilled" and can’t wait for the live show.

Manca Spik, the backing vocalist, was asked if she would come back as a lead singer to Eurovision? The artist said that it is her second time as a backing vocalists and she enjoys it a lot. Raay said that "Manca’s becoming Slovenian Sanna Nielsen." Another question went to the dancer Lara: "You changed your costume for the second rehearsal. Have you decided which one you would wear in the Semi-Final?" "Yes, it will be the second one. It is classier and simpler." It suits the dance more as she plays a role of “a secret and alter ago on stage."

Gallery: Maraaya had their press conference