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Slovenia: Beautiful dress for Tinkara

30 April 2014 at 18:45 CEST

Powerful voice and beautiful dress

Tinkara started her performance with flute play. All the lights were concentrated on singer’s beautiful noble dress. Tinkara stood in the middle of the stage. She didn’t need a lot of show on stage – only her strong voice counted. The singer was accompanied by three female and one male backing vocalists who stood on different edges of the stage.

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The camera filmed Tinkara’s performance from different angles. Especially interesting was to watch the Slovenian performance from above, where the light effects looked similar to a colourful swirl on the stage floor. Blue, orange and yellow colours with different shades and bubble-like images were shown on LEDs.

Meeting the Slovenian delegation backstage

Tinkara Kovač from Slovenia will wear her stage costume in today’s rehearsal. The singer showed it to us - a long beautiful ritzy dress in blue with some glittering shades.

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While our video producer was filming Tinkara warming up her voice in her dressing room, had a nice talk with Aleksander Radic, the Slovenian Head of Delegation. He told us that they have babies with them in Copenhagen: Tinkara’s family, her husband and their child, accompany and support the singer during the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. “Another baby belongs to one of our backing artists,” Aleksander smiled.

Tinkara is not only musician and singer, her passion is to play the flute – she will also play it on stage in the Second Semi-Final. Tinkara has already seen the stage at the B&W Hallerne and now she and her backing vocalists are very excited to perform on it!